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What is 20 Teeth? How Does Tooth Extraction Happen?

Since the jaw structure is getting smaller and smaller as a result of the change in eating habits, it is difficult to find a place for themselves in the mouth while the wisdom teeth are coming out. For this reason, wisdom teeth cause serious problems in the oral and dental health of individuals.

Wisdom teeth, which start at the age of 7 and complete their formation until the age of 30, can negatively affect the social life of individuals. The root formation of the 20-year-old teeth, which are in bud form at the age of 9, is partially completed at the age of 16. From this period, the 20-year-old female begins to search for a place in the mouth, and the problems of the 20-year-old female, which cannot find a suitable way out, arise at this time and continue to cause problems in a stable manner unless intervened. Wisdom teeth, which are different from other teeth in appearance and shape, differ from person to person.

20 Years Teeth

In some individuals, it is very difficult to perform root canal and filling treatment in caries problems of wisdom teeth consisting of more than one root. In general, filling and root canal treatment is almost impossible in the treatment of wisdom teeth. 20-year-old teeth differ according to their position in the jaw structure.

Semi-Embedded 20-Year-Old Teeth

It is a twenty-year-old tooth, some of which could be opened in the mouth, and some of it remained buried in the mouth. Semi-impacted wisdom teeth have a gingival pocket called a capison. The gingival pocket, which is very difficult to clean, causes inflammation in the body and abscesses in the mouth. This causes serious problems in your mouth and jaw health.

Fully Impacted 20 Year Teeth

They are 20-year-old teeth that are fully embedded in the mouth. Fully impacted wisdom teeth affect the alignment of the teeth in the mouth, causing distortions in the dental images. Fully impacted teeth do not cause serious inflammation, as their relationship with the oral environment is limited.

Extraction of 20 Year Teeth

20-year-old teeth, which many people threaten their health for fear of extraction; As a tooth extraction, it is not different from other tooth extractions. If the problematic wisdom teeth are not extracted, the risk of heart and kidney disease should not be forgotten.
Semi and fully impacted wisdom teeth should be extracted by a specialist dentist. If a surgical intervention is required, the patient should take the medications recommended by the physician in advance.

What to Do After Extraction of 20 Year Teeth

  1. After the operation, the tampon placed on the treated area should be bitten for two (2) hours.
  2. During this period, tampons or cotton should not be changed and the patient should not affect this area with his tongue.
  3. Spitting function should not be performed after the operation. In case of excessive spitting, the existing bleeding will increase, and the recovery time will be longer.
  4. Aspirin-like drugs that dilute the blood should be avoided.
  5. If your 20-year-old tooth has been surgically removed; Ice compress application with ten (10) minutes intervals will prevent swelling and bruising.
  6. Avoid solid, extremely hot and cold foods for the first twenty-four(24) hours. Consume warm and soft foods as much as possible.
  7. Try not to let your tongue touch the shooting area. If the area is played with the tongue, blood clotting will be prevented and it may cause your stitches to break.

In addition, following your doctor’s recommendations will shorten your healing process.