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What is orthodontics?

In the Orthodontics section; Treatment applications related to the correction of crooked teeth and the elimination of incompatibilities in the teeth, jaw and face are carried out. Correcting the crookedness of the teeth not only provides an important aesthetic gain, but also contributes to oral and dental health.

Why is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

Orthodontic treatment provides the creation of balance and harmony between teeth and face for a beautiful and healthy smile. An effective smile increases one’s self-confidence and quality of life by gaining self-respect. Properly aligned teeth are easier to brush. Since it helps to provide good oral hygiene, it minimizes the formation of caries and gum problems that may occur in the future.
Correction of bad bite with orthodontic treatment protects the teeth from traumas that occur during normal daily activities such as chewing. Properly aligned teeth help reduce increased stress on bone, root, gum tissue and jaw joint.

What is the Orthodontic Treatment Age?

If there is no skeletal problem and only crowding in the teeth, these disorders can be corrected with orthodontic treatment at any age. The age of the patient affects the duration of treatment. However, if there is a skeletal problem, the treatment of these disorders until the end of adolescence can be improved with orthopedic treatment approaches. In the adult period, such skeletal problems can be corrected with orthodontic treatment carried out together with orthognathic surgical operations.

What are fixed orthodontic appliances?

It is a form of treatment performed with brackets attached to the tooth. Brackets can be made of metal or porcelain. Tooth-colored porcelain brackets do not cause any discomfort aesthetically.

What is transparent plaque?

In some simple cases, crowding can now be corrected by using clear plates without using brackets. It is necessary to wear these patient-specific plates, which will be changed every two weeks, for approximately 20 hours a day. The duration of treatment is close to the duration of treatment with brackets. It varies between 6 months and 24 months depending on the case.